Challenges & Solutions

The Challenges

Innovation has transformed government and private sectors alike.

Advances in remote data communications have become commonplace, as enterprises leverage technology for the exchange of information both internally and with their customers. Two key trends have transformed IT initiatives: the consolidation of distributed servers into one data center, and consolidations which result from reduced budgets. Leading-edge IT processes are now necessary to deliver value and control costs. Thus, operational and IT capabilities are themselves become the cornerstones of powerful new enterprise strategies.

Technological complexities have created potential minefields.

The network has evolved into a powerful and fundamental strategic tool. However, merging swiftly evolving technologies with legacy systems, complex security issues, and the interdependencies between technology and processes have also created a potential minefield. Specialized technological skills are required. A more proactive approach is needed to ensure that the network, servers, and other equipment are performing efficiently. However, many enterprises lack the internal resources needed to address the myriad of difficulties that can arise.

Many providers don’t understand the terrain.

Most network integrators and service providers lack the mission-critical expertise and experience to adapt to dynamic technologies. Their pre-packaged solutions often don’t address the fundamental business imperatives, are unnecessarily complex, cost-inefficient and under-perform. Other providers lack a definitive methodology to examine all the factors involved. Often, the procedures to assure a timely and smooth process that backs claims of “seamless implementation” are simply not there.

Our Solutions

We understand the challenges you face.

In a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive world, we strive to understand your fundamental needs and the challenges you face. We see and think beyond the horizon, anticipating the implications of new technologies – not only where they are today, but also where they will be tomorrow. To us, excellence is a journey, not a destination, so we continually seek better solutions and new ways to help assure superior system and network performance.

Our engineers look at the big picture from every angle.

Whether it’s for the intelligence community, hospitals, banks or other enterprises, we look at the big picture from multiple vantage points. At the same time, we understand that attention to the small details can make the difference between mediocrity and excellence. That’s why we can provide the technical solutions and processes you need to accomplish the mission of providing the network reliability, efficiency, and data integrity. That’s how our global perspective and granular approach combine to help us see the full spectrum of the requirements for superior performance.

We invest in our people to assure continued quality.

Today’s continually changing and complex environment require fresh ideas and new approaches, so we continually invest our money and time on new product research and training. We hire with an eye to both the short and long term – and invest in our people to assure that they broaden and refine their skill sets. Our engineers have advanced capabilities and deep knowledge of IT systems, functions, processes, information capture and interagency information sharing. We encourage out-of-the-box thinking to discover new products and better ways to help you succeed.

We develop high-value systems that give you decisive advantages.

Our high-performance systems create decisive advantages for your communication and information management needs. We always measure up to the task – solving the most complex issues while successfully developing and deploying mission-critical information systems. Our specialized and collaborative expertise; our proprietary design system; and a careful, measured approach ensure network performance that exceeds your expectations.