Maintenance Plans

We’ll keep your network up, running and efficient.

We have a proactive approach to maintenance. We schedule tests on your network, servers, and other equipment to ensure everything is performing efficiently; often, we see problems before they develop and avoid it completely. Should a problem occur, we have the systems and relationships in place to get you up and running, while maintaining data integrity and ensuring proper backup. We also possess a keen eye to costs to save you from unnecessary and potentially significant expenditures.

Our flexible service contracts meet your specific needs.

Each maintenance plan is unique, with a tailored service level agreement (SLA) that is more customized and effective than the plans offered by our competitors. Regularly-scheduled site visits assure that your equipment is properly maintained to avert costly failures. Each SLA details the support and guaranteed onsite response time to get you up again in the event of a disaster.

Our maintenance plans include:

  • Small Business Plan.
    This plan is designed for businesses that can handle most of their maintenance needs, but also need to assure that help will be for recovery from a disaster. Included is a monthly site visit to ensure that the network is operating properly.
  • Supplementary Support Plan.
    For companies that have require assistance with periodic maintenance or which do not possess internal resources to handle unexpected failures. This also includes a monthly site visit.
  • Comprehensive Plan.
    This is tailored for companies who wish to outsource this function completely. The plan includes guaranteed predetermined response times customized to the client’s needs, and a twice a month site visit.