Enterprise Analysis

We understand processes and how people work together.

Our capabilities go far beyond typical enterprise analyses. Our understanding of systems and how people work with them helps us develop alternatives, and our analytical tools – including advanced simulation – enable us to assess evaluate a variety of scenarios before deciding on the most viable solution.

Our core assessment methodologies include:

  • Survivability Analysis
  • Wireless Readiness
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Virtualization Analysis
  • VOIP Readiness and Assessment
  • Email Assessment and Evaluation

We have a complete range of analytical tools.

We have a range of analyses to assess network performance and develop solutions to the most difficult problems.

Our network analyses include:

  • System Documentation
    This includes inventory and documentation of network configuration, servers, software, network connectivity and other components. This serves as a baseline for problem resolution, upgrade planning, and equipment replacement planning.
  • Basic Assessment
    The basic assessment includes detailed breakdown of your network, server architecture, protocols, architecture and data backup procedures. It also helps us assess potential problems and plan upgrades.
  • Comprehensive Assessment
    This includes the basic assessment, plus analysis of the full spectrum of network characteristics, such as remote communications configurations; software revisions; server analysis; workstation analysis; equipment rotation plans and more.
  • Advanced Modeling & Simulation
    This is a technique whereby the properties of an existing, planned or non-ideal infrastructures are replicated in order to assess performance, predict the impact of change, or optimize networks and business applications.